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It has been my passion to make different types of cake for quite some time. Whether it is your kids’ birthday, your wedding or commemoration or any other special occasion, I would be happy to make you a very special and extraordinary cake. Prices can all be found by clicking here.

Feel free to view my wide range of previously baked cakes here. or read what my customers have said about me here.

You can go through our website for more information and you can order your cakes online. I will be glad to design a cake according to your taste and preference. You are also given the option of sending me the picture of the cake that you want. I would gladly try to create it accordingly.

You can either get in touch with me through e-mail at jane@laceycakeswakefield.com or laceycakeswakefield@yahoo.com, you also have the option to call me on 07775855221 if you have any question or queries!

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